Portfolio Review #4
The theme of the Portfolio Review is: Connect! Artists get feedback on your creative work! The Behance Portfolio Review will be held at the same time in cities around the world. Participate as an opportunity to get a lot of feedback and expert opinions. And participate to review work of others. The event is also organized so that creators and companies with creative work can meet each other.
The Posters
People watching the displayed portfolio
Appreciations and comments on real time
In the beginning
The exhibition
OUR MC! Her name is FUNFUN!
Maykol saying hello!
Yuto Takamuro talking and presenting his very unique work!
Mr. Barry Lachapelle from IDEO commenting at the reviews!
Yoriko Youda presenting her amazing work at the reviews.
(IC4 DESIGN) Hiro Kamigaki's live painting! using the new product of Wacom!
People appreciating the creator works!
Eric Siu talking about his great project! the human camera Touchy
(IC4 DESIGN) Daisuke Matsubarai's live painting! using the new product of Wacom!

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